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Oct. 28th, 2012

At my work last night, a gentleman answered his phone with this gem:

"From now on, you are to refer to me as 'Your worship'."
Hiya in LJ land.

It's pretty quiet here. There used to be several posts a week here if not every day. Now you're lucky if you get one a month. A lot of us have moved over to FB and while I'm not suggesting you abandon the group altogether I have created this:
Please feel free to join us and share it with your friends. Hopefully we will get this overheard thing alive and kicking again, because I'm sure there's still plenty about.


Apr. 12th, 2012

Presumbly a TAFE or Uni student in a kitchenware shop in the CBD looking at various knives in showcase. Loudly to his friend who is somewhere else in the shop:
"Stop making me look at the Shun knives [friend's name]. They're giving me a stiffy!"
At a pet store today.

Noticably angry male: These stupid pet shops, makin' up all these dumb names for animals. What the hell is this breed? Never even heard of it. Not even a real dog.
Noticably angry male's girlfriend: Stupid.

After they left I looked at the dog in question - it was a Catahoula x Mastiff.
Overheard in Bayswater on Tuesday.

Boy: Guess what the main ingredient in perfume is?
Girl 1: What?
Boy: Whale vomit!
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: Whale vomit? Can whales even vomit?


Also at 7/11 Day.

Girl 1: I'm buying a large slurpie
Girl 2: But it's a free small.
Girl 1: I'm not saying "Happy 7/11 Day to a cashier who doesn't care to get a free slurpie.
Girl 2: Well, I'll suffer the indigence if it's free,

Girl 1 gets a large cup: Unhappy 7/11 Day

And at the supermarket.

Aisle Whatever, looking for snail bait, girl trying to flirt with store clerk.

Store Clerk: I should be able to see it. I have my glasses. I tried contacts, but I have FLAT eyes.

Parenting Skills 101

Heard this at Kilsyth/Croydon 7/11 on Mt Dandenong Road during "Free Slurpie Day"

Mother, taking camera phone picture of kids next to 7/11 Day Free Slurpie sign.

"Smile, or you won't be on Facebook."

... I don't even...

Brain juice needed

At work in the city my colleague's first customer of the day:
"I'm after a juicer."
"What sort/type?"
[pause] "Zzzt! Zzzt!"
On the Craigieburn train:

"You are not giving me a Vegemite moustache."
A customer was telling a co-worker today about an encounter she had at the Vic Market with another older woman of similar vintage. The customer said to the stall holder, a sweet looking elderly lady, something like "Packing up after a busy day eh?" to which the old lady replied "No, I'm fucking tap dancing!". I laughed rather loudly :}

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