Overheard in Melbourne now has a Facebook Group

Hiya in LJ land.

It's pretty quiet here. There used to be several posts a week here if not every day. Now you're lucky if you get one a month. A lot of us have moved over to FB and while I'm not suggesting you abandon the group altogether I have created this:
Please feel free to join us and share it with your friends. Hopefully we will get this overheard thing alive and kicking again, because I'm sure there's still plenty about.

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Presumbly a TAFE or Uni student in a kitchenware shop in the CBD looking at various knives in showcase. Loudly to his friend who is somewhere else in the shop:
"Stop making me look at the Shun knives [friend's name]. They're giving me a stiffy!"
Tiamat - Johan Edlund

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At a pet store today.

Noticably angry male: These stupid pet shops, makin' up all these dumb names for animals. What the hell is this breed? Never even heard of it. Not even a real dog.
Noticably angry male's girlfriend: Stupid.

After they left I looked at the dog in question - it was a Catahoula x Mastiff.

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Overheard in Bayswater on Tuesday.

Boy: Guess what the main ingredient in perfume is?
Girl 1: What?
Boy: Whale vomit!
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: Whale vomit? Can whales even vomit?


Also at 7/11 Day.

Girl 1: I'm buying a large slurpie
Girl 2: But it's a free small.
Girl 1: I'm not saying "Happy 7/11 Day to a cashier who doesn't care to get a free slurpie.
Girl 2: Well, I'll suffer the indigence if it's free,

Girl 1 gets a large cup: Unhappy 7/11 Day

And at the supermarket.

Aisle Whatever, looking for snail bait, girl trying to flirt with store clerk.

Store Clerk: I should be able to see it. I have my glasses. I tried contacts, but I have FLAT eyes.

Parenting Skills 101

Heard this at Kilsyth/Croydon 7/11 on Mt Dandenong Road during "Free Slurpie Day"

Mother, taking camera phone picture of kids next to 7/11 Day Free Slurpie sign.

"Smile, or you won't be on Facebook."

... I don't even...

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A customer was telling a co-worker today about an encounter she had at the Vic Market with another older woman of similar vintage. The customer said to the stall holder, a sweet looking elderly lady, something like "Packing up after a busy day eh?" to which the old lady replied "No, I'm fucking tap dancing!". I laughed rather loudly :}